"They were discovering the swans within."

TESTIMONIAL of The Swan Within


How we work


"Two weeks ago, most of the girls didn't know the meaning of relevé, chasse, jete or plie, but on the performance day those words flew through the air with ease and confidence. They had two training sessions with Meredith Harper Houston and were ready. I watched them rehearse at the barre. Backs straight, chins up, arms floating gracefully, smiling, excited, listening intently to their teacher, Meredith. And practicing and encourage one another. They were a supportive sisterhood, engaged in learning the discipline of ballet. They were discovering the swans within." 



The Swan Within helps to improve the psychological and physical health of incarcerated girls. The program can build strength, self-confidence and resilience, all elements of female empowerment among girls that are currently incarcerated in the Los Angeles County Probation Succeeding Through Achievement and Resilience (STAR) Court, Los Angeles Superior Court.


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